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About 15-20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga,  Lookout Mountain is the perfect destination for experiencing life well. Amazing natural wonders like the ability to see Seven States from the top, are commonplace in this quintessential small town that is on the border of Tennessee and Georgia.  Lookout Mountain is home to three top rated, world-famous attractions that showcase the natural and historic beauty of the area, each with breathtaking views of the Tennessee Valley. It is widely accepted as one of the best places to live in the US. This tight-knit community with turn of the 20th century historical homes perfectly blended with today’s modern homes, is ideal for families both young and old. Whether you want to live on the “brow” of the mountain with the ability to walk out with your morning coffee or evening cocktail to enjoy the view or live on tree lined streets where children still ride their bikes and neighbors know each other, Lookout Mountain will be a place you will be happy to call home. 


  • Lookout Mountain Elementary- 9/10
  • Lookout Valley Middle/High- 6/10

Featured Spots

Our team has curated a list of our must-SEE places we would recommend visiting in #lookoutmountain!

  • Ruby falls
  • rock city
  • incline railway
  • sunset rock
  • point park
  • lula lake
  • mclemore golf club
  • cafe on the corner
  • fairyland country club
  • lookout mountain flight park hang gliding